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China Power Construction Hubei Engineering Co., Ltd.
China Power Engineering Group Hubei Engineering Co., Ltd. (Hubei Engineering) is funded by China Power Construction Group Co., Ltd., Hubei Electric Power Survey and Design Institute, Hubei Hongyuan Power Engineering Co., Ltd., Hubei Electric Power Construction Engineering Company Limited, Hubei Province, the second power construction company two companies based on the formation of a limited liability company with a registered capital of 1.5 billion.
      Hubei Engineering is a comprehensive engineering company that provides power engineering and infrastructure investment and financing, planning and design, construction and operation management. Its main business is planning, designing, consulting, supervising and managing the infrastructure of electric power, transportation and municipal administration. Financing, construction and operation of general contracting projects; international engineering general contracting, dispatch of overseas engineering service personnel, cooperation in project financing and investment, procurement of equipment and materials as well as import and export operation; development, planning, design, installation and operation of clean energy and new energy sources such as wind power and solar energy, Construction, operation and maintenance.
In 2015, Hubei Engineering has reached a strategic partnership with One Unified Group to share resources and technologies in a reasonable manner so as to jointly develop the Nigerian market and promote economic development.
      The Lafayette airport project currently under construction is contracted by Hubei Engineering.