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Talent Concept
In order to implement the Strategy of Strengthening Talents, UIBE Group firmly established the concept of "people-oriented", continuously deepened the reform of human resources management system and created a good environment for talent growth, accelerated the structural adjustment of the workforce, optimized the allocation of human resources, cultivated and introduced the urgent need of the Company's business development ; To establish a personnel training, selection, evaluation and incentive mechanism that is compatible with the company's development requirements; To build a team of qualified personnel with reasonable structure, professional facilities, adequate quantity and high quality, and to build a team that not only understands international project management , Are also familiar with the international engineering design standards, standards, proficiency in the professional design work processes and links, the composite high-level design and management team, continuously improve and enhance the company's core competitiveness and overall strength.
     Unified Group firmly grasp the introduction of talent, personnel training, make the best use of qualified personnel of the three key areas, and strengthen talent incentive mechanism to create a talent conducive to talent and make the best use of talent, make the best use of a good environment. At the same time pay attention to continuously improve the structure of the workforce, to enhance overall function and competitiveness. Chengda Company insists on the overall plan of the company's personnel, sets up the posts scientifically, evaluates the employees with performance, motivates people with career development, keeps people with guarantee, agglutinates people with culture, and develops personnel through training, so as to continuously mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of employees. The quality of staff adapts to the strategic objectives of the enterprise and matches the job responsibilities.
     The Company provides employees with different positions and positions with market-competitive remuneration package and protects the legitimate rights and interests of employees, safety, rest, leave and social insurance according to law. The Company advocates giving priority to efficiency and giving consideration to the principle of fairness so as to encourage employees to work more and more .
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Code of Conduct

     Companies adhere to the people-oriented, building a harmonious corporate culture, and fully protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees. At the same time, advocating "dedication, love and harmony, high efficiency" team concept and code of conduct, all employees must act in order to safeguard the interests of the company, social responsibility as a fundamental starting point.
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Work concept:
1, open mind: to share resources and open ourselves is the foundation of the team; unity, communication is the company employees should have a good quality.

2, Be tolerant: you should know how to appreciate and appreciate the fruits of others' work; to accommodate the different ideas of others; and calmly deal with the pressure and challenges.

3, a strong sense of responsibility: consciously responsible for the company, responsible for the customer, responsible for the individual, take the initiative to take the trouble, not to blame the responsibility.

4, innovation awareness: learning all good for the development of the company's outstanding achievements, enhance themselves and improve their work in their own work with the times, continuous innovation.

5, teamwork: external a whole, each with its own characteristics, under a common goal, emphasis on collaboration and common development team members, give full play to every

The strengths of a member, always maintain the team's combat effectiveness.

Work discipline:
1, abide by national laws and regulations and the company's rules and regulations.

2, consciously love public property, maintain the office environment.

3, according to the company's work processes, norms and standards work.

4, consciously safeguard the company's image, do not spread and spread is not conducive to the company's remarks, gossip.

5, the rational use of office supplies, equipment and paper, strict conservation.

6, strictly abide by the company's confidentiality provisions, shall not be unauthorized disclosure of company management, management information, but asked salary and other individuals should not be involved in the secret information.

7, in the company's Department of exchanges, without the company's authorization, shall not be engaged in activities beyond the authority.

8, shall not use their powers and positions in order to seek personal benefits; shall not be solicited or received business unit rebates.