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The government of Nasarawa State and Reunification Group signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Lafia Airport Construction

    On October 19, the government of Nasarawa State and Reunification Group signed a memorandum of cooperation on Lafia Airport Construction Project, an international passenger and cargo airport. By signing the memorandum, the state government will provide 25% of airport construction funds in advance, and the unified group will raise the remaining 75% of the construction funds through financing of financial institutions.
     At the signing ceremony, Governor Al-makura said Uni-President was not only a contractor but also responsible for raising 75% of the construction funds for the project. The state government will allocate a special fund of N300 million from the Federal Government Infrastructure Construction Intervention Fund Grant to pay for the Lafia Airport Construction Project; 75% of the engineering balance will be repaid within six years. The governor also said that since he took office, the state government has been committed to opening up the Nasarawa state to speed up regional development; since 2012, the government has built a number of urban roads, and now we want to play the geopolitical advantages of the neighboring Federal Capital Territory to build an advanced Modern freight airport. He said the government may also consider building a highway to connect Lafia Airport to the capital, Abuja, in just one and a half hours in the future.
      Zheng You, chairman of the Unification Group, said the company will be brave enough to take the project, the project quality and quantity, delivered to the state government on schedule, so that the project benefits the local people as soon as possible.
      Penang Flyers, the airport project consultant and representatives of the Unified Geographic Information Services Bureau of Nasarawa State Government attended the signing ceremony. Zenith Bank, its finance adviser, has its general manager and staff; numerous local chiefs and state government representatives witnessed the signing ceremony and jointly hoped that the long-awaited project could start as soon as possible.