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Karoo International Market Road Completion Ceremony and the opening ceremony of the Hanjinhimu Extension Line
     Nigeria Time On the morning of January 25, 2017, the Karoo International Market Road constructed by Uni-President was successfully completed. Governor of Uttar Pradesh Umaku Tangku Omakuru, chairman of the Nasarawa State Urban Development Committee Haji Adham Sultan Muhammad attends the ceremony.
     Karu International Market started in September 2015 with a total length of 5 kilometers and an extension line of 0.7 kilometers with a design speed of 50 kilometers per hour and two-way 2-lane roads. The construction of roads is located in the densely populated, traffic congestion, construction area is small Mararaba town. Upon completion, the main road leading to downtown Abuja will be interconnected with the roads around the international market, greatly relieving local traffic pressure and providing high-grade road services to residential areas and commercial areas along the route, thus boosting the vigorous development of the local economy .
      At the ceremony, Governor Nasarawa thanked the Group for its high quality and high standards of completion of the construction task and spoke highly of the company's performance in construction safety management, protection of the natural environment, respecting local customs and social responsibilities. He said UConn actively engaged in infrastructure construction in Nigeria and made outstanding contributions in promoting Nigeria's economic and social development and promoting local employment.
      In his speech, the chairman of the Urban Development Committee said he was very much surprised by the fact that the Reunification Group completed the construction of earthwork in red clay, graded gravel and asphalt concrete in one month and greatly saved the construction period. At the same time, Sultan Muhammad said he was very confident about the project to start the extension of the bare light Hashim Road. He firmly believed that the reunification group could make another success and complete the reconstruction of the extension of the bare light Hashimir Road within three months .
     Mr. Zhao Jinong, spokesman for Unity Group, then made a speech on behalf of Chairman Zheng You and thanked the government and people of Nasarawa for their trust and support for Unity Group and for the smooth delivery of Karu International Market. With the economic and social development and progress of Malabar town, the original road has hardly met the requirements of urban development. It is imminent to carry out road reconstruction and construction. The reunification group will live up to expectations and devote itself actively to the revitalization and benefiting people's livelihood projects aimed at improving people's living conditions.