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Uniform mining group supplies donated to Benue
On 17 November 2015, a serious flood in the Nigerian capital of Benue province left tens of thousands displaced and damaged a large number of roads and bridges.
    After the unified mining group chairman Zheng Youwen hearing, immediately held a high-level meeting to discuss the relevant rescue work, mobilization Unity Mining Group staff to support the disaster area. As of press time, the United Mining Group donated 200 boxes of instant noodles and 200 bags of rice to the state of Benue and dispatched relevant personnel to help local residents rebuild their homes.
    The donation ceremony took place on the 18th local time. Governor of Benue Governorate Samuel Ortom attended the donation ceremony and received relief supplies from United Group on behalf of the state of Benue.
    Governor of Benue Governorate Samuel Ortom thanked the mining group for its support of the people in the disaster area and expressed his continued support for the cooperation between the United Minerals Group and the State of Benue and the more favorable cooperation between the Unification Group and the state of Benue conditions of.
    The state of Benue is in central Nigeria. Agriculture is the state's economy and 70% of the population is engaged in agricultural production. Recently affected by the rainy season, the state of Benue was severely affected and the floods hit the state's agriculture severely.
It is incumbent on us to unify the mining industry as a company with a high sense of social responsibility and to extend donations to the affected state of Benue.